The heart of Switzerland

Located in the heart of Switzerland and thus easily accessible from all sides, Nidwalden is an exclusive location for individuals and businesses.

42,000 people live in Nidwalden. It is beautifully nestled between mountains and Lake Lucerne; Nidwalden extends over an area of 276 square kilometres. The Canton has 11 municipalities. The capital is Stans, and the language spoken is Swiss German.

Favourable business conditions created by the canton have helped maintain economic development, even during downturns in the economy (unemployment 2011 0.99%). The accessibility of the cantonal authorities and administrative organs plays a role, as does, importantly, the attractive tax environment.

Innovators soon feel at home in Nidwalden. The conditions are right. Progress and commercial prosperity are the order of the day. Moreover, having reduced its tax levy on licensing revenues – a move that is unique in Switzerland – Nidwalden is now considered a benchmark research location.

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