The concept

The majority of sports stars, entertainers, and celebrities employ "personal agents" to manage their business affairs. They see the value of having professional support, someone who is trusted and loyal to support their interests. Having an agent enables them to focus on what they do and love best.

Why shouldn’t the stars of the medical profession do the same?

Physicians invent new products; they act as consultants to the pharmaceutical or medical device companies and they provide medical-legal services in court cases clearly need someone reliable, objective, and loyal to support their interests during negotiations and contracting.

Medical professionals are technically competent, however, they often lack the time, training, and are ill equipped to make complex business decisions.

Walden Medical acts as an agent, providing our clients with a range of discrete and personalized management solutions to optimize their intellectual property and personal affairs.

From our offices in Stans, Switzerland, we manage a network of professionals across the globe:

  • MedTech business professionals
  • Tax and finance experts
  • Patent and contract lawyers
  • Public relations and social media specialists
  • Special skills coaches

Welcome, Walden Medical is here to help...