The concept

The "bread and butter" of any technology company is the continuous generation of new products, which normally means the continuous creation of new intellectual property in the form of patents, copyrights, designs and trademarks on new products and brand names.

While the focus for most companies is the sales of their products in different markets, the legitimate and professional  management of intangibles like "intellectual property" is also critical.

Walden Technology provides the services to help develop and protect Intellectual Property and enhance its profitability. Walden Technology therefore provides a specialized full service offer for professional and dedicated management of intellectual property and affairs in a tax beneficial location

In today's increasingly complex and globalizing economies it is becoming ever more  important to operate a timely and well constructed intellectual property strategy to optimize value and royalties.  

From our offices in Stans, Switzerland, we manage a network of professionals across the globe:

  • Technology business professionals
  • Tax and finance experts
  • IP and contract lawyers
  • Public relations specialists

Welcome, Walden Technology, we are here to help...