Intellectual property services

Innovation is the life blood of every organization. Therefore most organizations need access to inventors and creators who are either internal or externally contracted to secure a pipeline flow of new ideas and intellectual property in the form of patents, trademarks, copyright and research will lead to new products.

Setting up an effective strategy and mechanisms to manage intellectual property (validate, protect, optimize royalties etc)  is therefore paramount and priceless. Larger organizations or serial inventors naturally spend time and money in securing their intellectual property in the right way, however, smaller companies and those inventors new to the process are less methodical.

Walden Company solutions

The Walden Company specializes providing "innovation" service for individuals and companies in need of help and  support through the quagmire of options available to create, protect, and house new intellectual property.

The Walden Company's divisions: Medical, Entertainment, Publishing, Technology, and Fashion provide experts and professional management services tailored to each market area.  As a client you are free to choose which services are needed to match and maximize their innovation albeit choosing a full set of services to simply picking and choosing based on a single specific need.

The key is when you use The Walden Company, you can leave it all to us, and focus on your other priorities.