Business services

The Walden Company offers a range of Personal Services to help coach individuals or teams within a company improve their performance.

As an individual what do you stand for? How do your colleagues view you? How do you view yourself? What is your personal brand? To be a valued and active member of a team, you must have pride in yourself, in your personal Brand. To develop yourself you need to understand and develop your personal brand.

On the other hand teamwork in a multicultural environment is often seen as enriching, but can also be challenging. Different cultures converge; working together is made more difficult through misunderstandings. Conversations are often impacted by prejudice and clichés.

How can a poorly functioning team, which has gone through a difficult start, be transformed into a top team that can implement the strategy in the time and quality expected?

The Walden Company can help you as an individual or help you as a manager support and get the best out of your teams...

Above average performance from every individual means above average performance for the company.