The Walden Company is a Swiss based agency with a global perspective. We act as a network hub managing qualified teams of international IP lawyers, tax advisors and business professionals who have specialist knowledge and expertise in each of our four areas: Entertainment, Medical, Publishing and Technology. We deliver discrete services for "informed" individuals and small "high innovation" companies.The management team is based in Stans, Nidwalden:

Dieter H. Benz

Chairman and Partner, Swiss citizen, has many years of experience as a Member of the Senior Management and Financial Director in service enterprises and industrial companies of the electronic and machine industry. He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of Hügli Holding AG, a Swiss public company of the consumer goods industry. He is Member of the Board of several companies. After basic commercial training, he took university entrance examination and went on to study social- and economic sciences at Zurich University. He is a certified financial controller.

Dr. Adriano Viganò

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-law and Senior Partner at WerderViganò Attorneys; Swiss and Italian citizen, advises and acts on behalf of entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals in the fields of intellectual property, commercial, contract law, M&A and litigation. Dr. Viganò has extensive management background, amongst others as Vice President International Marketing for the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles.

Michèle Amrein

Swiss citizen, has several years of experience in accounting for international companies and trustees. She is a swiss certified banker.