Business services

Inventors/creators need to quickly gain a business attitude and remain emotionally detached from the idea or their work if they are to make the right business decisions.

Many inventors/creators of intellectual property are in full clinical practice, they have no time, energy, and limited competence to read multiple versions of business, educational, and financial plans—after all what is a good plan? If you are the inventor of a product with a royalty based agreement, you will surely want to know how good is the company's plan? What resources and competencies are being assigned?

A company's business plan for a new invention e.g., resources or talent committed can change the royalties by millions of dollars over the life time of the intellectual property.

You can improve your chances of success by having Walden Medical to offer discrete business support.

Walden Medical solutions

Walden Medical provides MedTech experts and professionals to offer a set of business services specially designed around the medical industry:
  • Writing or reviewing your practice's or a company business plan.
  • Reviewing and advising on employment or consultancy contracts .
  • Examine royalty agreements, and product development contracts.
  • Check licensing rates.
  • Evaluate educational and promotional programs.
  • Utilize partnering “design” shops for product development.