Personal services

Medical professionals can often feel alone or overwhelmed in their jobs. However, their professional training does not normally equip them to manage such self-doubt and the demands of clinical practice rarely allow them time off for self-development.

Walden Medical can offer unobtrusive coaching for individuals or multidisciplinary teams so as to help improve personal/team performance and job satisfaction. The program is designed to fit into the busy schedule of medical professionals.  

  • Self management
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with superiors and colleagues
  • Demeanor and communication

Walden Medical solutions

Walden Medical provides personal coaches to support individuals and teams build their confidence, their brand, and their sustained performance. We combine a number of tried and tested methods, which we combine into a custom made package according to your needs - GROW:
  • G = Goal — define objectives.
  • R = Reality — describe the current problems and approaches that didn't work.
  • O = Options—what options are there? Which seem most promising?
  • W = Way forward—concrete actions.

Walden Medical's business coaching deals with soft issues that arise from everyday business in a short period of time. This is a completely different approach compared to clinical methods like i.e., psychoanalysis or psychotherapy that deal with past and related problems over a longer time period.