Intellectual property services

Individuals and companies involved in new product development in technologies industries can rely on Walden Technology, part of the Walden Group to provides a "one-stop" shop of intellectual property services.

New product development and creating intellectual property is part of the bread and butter business of any technology company; however, the world is changing , business is moving faster and faster. Copying and pirating of intellectual property is common place—how do you keep on top of it?

Creating, monitoring, and protecting international patents, trademarks, copyright, licenses and designs can be a very complex, resource intensive job, which requires constant and timely professional attention. With the global nature of most businesses, the complexity is exponential.

Technology companies can easily and discretely outsource all the hassle and complexity to a specialist international intellectual property management company—Walden Technology.

Dedicated professionals managing your IP  can optimize your protection and ultimately earnings!

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Technology companies wishing to protect their intellectual property can commission Walden Technology to help them through the quagmire of international law in protecting and securing the royalties related to their technology intellectual property.  

Walden Technology provides industry experts and business professionals to deliver a tailored set of intellectual property services:

  • Protect research and invention
  • International research (if needed) - own what you invent
  • Protect IP - patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, ideas
  • Patenting, Copyright, Trademarks
  • By inventor (client): Individual or design/publishing company
  • Oversee patenting through: Design/publishing company

There are a number of benefits of using Walden Technology in such searches and international negotiations—namely, objectivity and impartiality to extract the best conditions and value are naturally foremost. However it also enables the company to maintain their separate relationship to other licensees.

Copyright and trademark owners can rely on Walden Technology to draw up contracts that reflect the value and use of their intellectual property. Such contracts will be commensurate with the value generated, but will of course include the "emotional" attachment of working with the licensing company.