New client procedure

When technology in the form of products are sold across the globe optimizing licensing rights and funds flows needs to carefully planned. To make valued recommendations for our new technology clients, Walden Technology recommends performing an assessment of the client's current situation:

The assessment includes a review of:

  • Existing contracts, e.g. contracts with current inventors or employees
  • Past innovations, e.g. catalogue of current innovation and patents
  • IP development and management processes
  • Tax situation e.g. local tax legislation

We then create a "dashboard", that easily differentiates: where you are, from where you want to be. If there is a variance we then propose tailored solutions to fit the exact needs and specifications of our clients.

Process workflow

  • Assessment: current situation
  • Dashboard: perform gap analysis
  • Solution: present optimized solution(s)
  • Tailored package: fee structure

Each client may need a tailor-made solution to exactly fit his or her needs, albeit the need is for one service or a combination of services.  

The fee structure for Walden Technology is based on standard as well as customized packages, as well as a fee-for-service for one off services:  

  • Set up fee
  • Hourly rates
  • Retainer
  • Sliding scale percentage

Fees will be budgeted/discussed before the start of any respective task.