Personal services

New technologies are the life blood of business, and the pace of change is ever faster, this means inventors and business professionals in technology-driven industries can quickly get burned out. Bringing new technologies to market is a true team effort, where each member of the team must rely on the competencies and dedication of others. Naturally nobody wishes to admit they are lonely or overwhelmed in their jobs. Burn out is gradual, but as performance sinks it becomes ever more hard to climb over the wall.  

Walden Technology can offer unobtrusive coaching for individuals or teams so as to help improve and maintain their performance and job satisfaction. The program is designed to fit into the busy schedule of busy inventors, creators, and professionals.  

  • Self management
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with superiors and colleagues
  • Demeanor and communication  

From our perspective, we say, why wait for performance to drop, then go into months of therapy—employing personal coaching through Walden Technology means being proactive to protect your assets.

Walden Technology solutions

Walden Technology provides personal coaches to support individuals and teams build their confidence, their brand, and their sustained performance. We combine a number of tried and tested methods, which we combine into a custom made package according to your needs - GROW:
  • G = Goal — define objectives.
  • R = Reality — describe the current problems and approaches that didn't work.
  • O = Options—what options are there? Which seem most promising?
  • W = Way forward—concrete actions.

Walden Technology's coaching deals with soft issues that arise from everyday business in a short period of time. This is a completely different approach compared to clinical methods like i.e., psychoanalysis or psychotherapy that deal with past and related problems over a longer time period.