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New intellectual property in the form of new technologies may be game changing or just me too, however, with the right business mix both can  generate huge revenues for their inventor and/or their owing company. A new technology can lead to tens, if not hundreds of millions in contractual royalties, publicity, and merchandizing agreements for the inventor— therefore proactive management of intellectual property is essential.

Most high net worth individuals set up companies to legitimately manage contracts, they declare the earnings and are normally taxed in their country of domicile. Some individuals try to hide their finances "off shore" to avoid declaration to their tax authorities, but this is an increasingly risky endeavor. The same approach goes for Technology companies who sell or license products (intellectual property) and earn revenues or royalties on their use.

However, the world is changing direct and indirect taxation on earning is rising, there is mounting scrutiny by tax authorities who are rigorously chasing after hidden wealth and monitoring corporate compliance.

What are the best and cleanest ways for inventors to manage royalties or other types of remuneration? How do you reduce tax exposure without having to worry about the tax authorities? And how can you use your money? These are key questions—Walden Technology may have your solution!

Walden Technology solutions

First, we must declare that our remuneration and tax optimization solutions may not work for everyone or in every situation, that's why always recommend an assessment. Second, we must state that our programs are not based on "offshore—looking over your shoulder" tax avoidance schemes. If you want zero tax, then Walden Technology can't help you.

Walden Technology is located in the city of Stans in the Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland to access the IP Box advantages granted to companies physically located in the Canton (not a just PO Box), with a defined number of personnel to gain access to special tax advantages on "IP" royalties.

Walden Technology will open a private shareholder company, let's call it ABC Ltd. The company would a have a board of directors and would be complaint with all governance requirements in Switzerland e.g., board meetings, publication of accounts, etc. As the owner you would have a bank account, bank cards, and naturally for security reasons have signature authority. Walden Technology would be a shareholder and manage it on your behalf (unless you want to live in Nidwalden) for an annual service fee.

Walden Technology offers legal and legitimate ways to optimize your IP driven finances…