Financial services

The Walden Company provides a set of services that help our clients, both individuals and companies to legally, and legitimately optimize the taxes and royalties generated from their intellectual property and commercial activities.

The international laws regarding intellectual property and taxation are extremely complex and are often beyond the experience of local financial advisors; they require specialist knowledge. However, when fully understood, there are official and lawful ways to better manage intellectual property, which are practiced by many of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies.

The Walden Company has based itself in Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland to take advantage of their favorable corporate tax conditions. Nidwalden has created an "IP Box", which enables companies physically located and administrated in the Canton (not just a PO Box), to gain access to special tax advantages on "IP" royalties.

Our network of international financial planners and experts can provide discrete and personal services:

  • Royalty optimization
  • Tax dashboard and planning
  • Wealth management
  • Investment vehicles
  • Foundations
  • Future planning
  • Retirement
  • Inheritance

The Walden Company and its divisions: Medical, Entertainment, Publishing, Technology and Fashion DO NOT provide offshore tax avoidance services.

The Walden Company's policy in financial planning is to use transparent and legal mechanisms to highly optimize our clients' position. Switzerland has reciprocal tax agreements with most nations around the globe, so all our financial services are based around our clients declaring their shares or investments or donations to ventures created by The Walden Company on their behalf to their tax authorities.