Our modus operandi

We operate out of the city of Stans, in the Canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland. Why not Zürich?

Locating The Walden Company and its four divisions in the Canton of Nidwalden enables our clients to take advantage of the Canton's favourable corporate tax laws especially the new and innovative "IP Box".

The IP Box offers considerable and legitimate tax advantages for our clients who have developed "intellectual property" in the form or patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

The Walden Company and its divisions provide all the infrastructure and staff to enable our clients to formally and legally set up and operate bona fide companies in Nidwalden, and thereby access the Canton's IP Box tax structures.

The Walden Company acts as a personal agent for our clients to provide individuals or companies independent and objective advice and support in business, career, and even personal decision-making.